Photography on a Colder and Misty morning So what to change

Up nice and early dogs at the ready the planned outing to catch the dawn shattered by a change in the glorious weather we have been having. I expected sun and all the early morning activity a spring day brings, but got mist cloud and cold, lesson to be learnt ” Always check the latest forecast you can “.

What happened well seing the weather did not stop the plan, just a change of kit, off came the long lenses for the Buzzards nesting, much too dull a day for good images of them, and maybe the nearby rookery, they will wait for then next early sunny morning. Into the kit bag out of the studio went my new ring flash, and a 24>70 lens, the objective today bluebells and spring buddings in close up, having arrived at a local woodland copse the photography began dogs sitting nicely and being very quiet while dad worked away, plenty to take and the ringflash worked very well on my new subjects. About ready to move on suddenly coming directy towards us was around 15 Fallow dear up the hill to us in the copse, usually the dogs frighten them in here and they shoot off, this time the dogs just watched them coming, Oh for that lens I took off, hold on did I put it in the bag, yes I did, a quick change of lens and a prone position with dogs at my side and heaven the deer came in the copse at the far end and started rummaging, laying flat and quiet still I took picture after picture of them, surprisingly they were not phased by the shutter on my 5d clattering away, they knew that where they were was a safe haven, magic for around ten minutes when one of the dogs let out a single bark off they went down the hill back towards the old boating lake and sanctury. I came home just looked at my mornings work over a cup of tea and what was a morning that was, a complete change of plan turned into something special, not only did i get my varied bluebell shots and have practice with the new ring flash as I wanted,  but the added bonus of the deer made the start of today something really special, cant wait to see what else is going to go right today, even if the sun does not break through its been a great day.

Following on with some comments : Photography a way forward

Thank you also for your kind words, I have spent the last 23 years travelling to Turkey twice a year for around 3 weeks, and always I have seen politeness and helpfulness in your people, Thank you. I offer you a little more advice in reply to your comments below, I do not want to overflow you with too much information so i will try to be brief with the ideas.

I can appreciate your love of the young and how they bring to all of us joy, it is a difficult market to sell in because a lot of people do this and usually it is for friends and family who purchase the pictures, but if you are willing to spend the time building the portfolio then you will earn the respect and people will come to you for those ” Special ” pictures.

Looking at a wider and more commecial market with pictures that will sell ( we all need the cash to live ) you are in one of the most fantastic places in the world to capture outstanding images, and most of us who live in a big capital miss out because we see it every dayand it becomes daily routine and a bit boring to us. I have a friend who goes into London but can find nothing to photgraph?  because he has lived there all his life and it is all old to him, but to the rest of the world or even the UK it is new and refreshing. To me Istanbul is one of those wonderful places that gems of pictures can be made if you know the city. The Markets so full of colour and at the other end of your Portrait babies the elderly with the wisdom they hold, some of the worlds greatest pictures are looking into the eyes of a senior member of the society! You have at your disposal all of this but you must think outside of the box and develop in your own mind what others would like to see of your country, the life, the culture you can use all of that to your advantage, if you want to be commercially viable in the future.

A view on the art of Photography, for a budding student, might help others?

I have looked at your site and can see you have a photographic eye, one that can capture the difference from what you see and others percieve, that is a very good starting point. I do not critique fellow photographers work for the simple reason photography is an art in the eye of the individual and it would be wrong to put my view on others work. I give a for instance, put 100 photographers in a room with two pictures one awfull and one brilliant, the room would be divided 50/50 on each picture some would see quality in the first and some see the same with the second, but both would have faults picked out in them at the same level, I hope you understand what I am saying, we all have a view but we are all individuals with that view.

My one bit of advice to you is this, you are a young photographer making your way in the marketplace, I am now getting on a bit, in the past I made the common mistake to photograph everything, but I mastered nothing with the exception of my camera, I now specialise in certain image types, one month I could be photographing babies, the next lions, then I may spend six months doing buildings or landscapes. My point is specialise in a one area, take your market point and focus on that become a specialised artist, by doing this you will do two things people will know you as a photographer of repute in an area of the art, and secondly which is most important you will learn a lot quicker the art of photography, take one subject and continue to photograph it, with different lighting, with different angles, different camera settings, take 100 pictures of this all different but the same subject. Out of that 100 pictures you may be lucky enough to find 5 that really are brilliant, you have found the sweet spot, you could never do that if you take one or two pictures of a subject and then move on to another subject. By doing this you are honing your skills for the future and discovering what you as a photographer can actually do, and do well. I do hope this helps you on your road.

Morning Glory ::: Disaster at Dawn ::: Return of the Herons

Spent all day yesterday cleaning up the garden and cleaning out the pond from the winter ravages, cleaned all the covering weed and stinking mud from the deep, lovely spring clean for the fish, waterfall back into action new netting ready to go, but it was getting late. Woke this morning ready to finish off!  AARRGGG,  the poxy Heron beat me to it, left me around 5 small goldfish out of around 55>65 mixed fish. I was not a happy bunny,  just phoned to order some replacement Koi,  delivery next week! still that will give me time to set up a few surprises for him when he makes his return. Its so gaulling all fish overwintered fantastic and one day they decend and clear you out, Just like a Somalie Pirate,  NO More I am angry.

My Little girl

Had a great walk this morning hours through the woods, she loves it here, cant believe that someone would throw her out of a car just after she had given pups, some evil Bast OOps People in this world, how can they be so cruel to innocent’sImage

Certainly not Photography! David Cameron

David Cameron begins a four-day visit to the US with an evening spent watching Barack Obama’s favourite sport, basketball” 

Oh goody goody, the idiot is watching Basketball while his own country is in meltdown, its pensioners are cold and starving cant afford food or fuel, but as long as your alright watching sport in another country Cameron, then things must be really rosy, only another 250,000 out of work this week, my thoughts go to Nero while Rome burnt. What is this person doing, copying Brown.

My thoughts Canon Eos 5D mk3

Having had a look and asked some questions on the Focus on Imaging Canon Stand at the NEC Birmingham yesterday, these are my first initial thougths.

The cameras main attribute 22mill pixels main feature, if using video option exactly the same as the MK2 slow focus and a bit noisy, so the mk3 is no better in this area, I asked about the enviromental safeguards has it replicated the Eos 1D/s no was the reply it has the equivilent of the Eos 7D  so rain water, dust etc can invade the unit, it has more info available to the user and  a quieter shutter mechanism, more focusing points, and as far as I could see without an indepth review thats about it.

Would I buy one, I have had my 5D Mk1 for 5 years and my mk2 for 2 years, used the video option on the Mk2 twice, did not like it, its a still camera, if I wanted video I would use my panasonic HD or my trusty Canon X2. The update from my Mk1 to my Mk2 was a leap, this in my opinion!  at the moment ( and it can be changed )  is more of a hop over to another step on the same staircase, would I pay £3000 to say I own a Mk3?  NO not at all, not when I could buy two Mk2s for the same price, the technology has not gone ahead that far to justify changing to Mk3.

In short Canon I feel, have failed here with a very costly upgrade rather than a remake of a fantastic marque, sorry to say it but on first contact it falls short of what I would be looking for if I were to upgrade my kit.

Focus show NEC mmm

Well the annual pilgramige to Birmingham is over and really what a waste of time, the Focus on imaging show produced absolutely zilch this year, lots of empty stands and exhibitors missing from what was on display last year, basically not a good show at all from my perspective, off I went with cards and wallet primed, and spent £20 on printing paper that was on special offer, nothing at all there to catch the eye and say I want that, not even the long awaited Canon EOS 5D Mk3, but more on that next blog.