Morning Glory ::: Disaster at Dawn ::: Return of the Herons

Spent all day yesterday cleaning up the garden and cleaning out the pond from the winter ravages, cleaned all the covering weed and stinking mud from the deep, lovely spring clean for the fish, waterfall back into action new netting ready to go, but it was getting late. Woke this morning ready to finish off!  AARRGGG,  the poxy Heron beat me to it, left me around 5 small goldfish out of around 55>65 mixed fish. I was not a happy bunny,  just phoned to order some replacement Koi,  delivery next week! still that will give me time to set up a few surprises for him when he makes his return. Its so gaulling all fish overwintered fantastic and one day they decend and clear you out, Just like a Somalie Pirate,  NO More I am angry.

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