Photography on a Colder and Misty morning So what to change

Up nice and early dogs at the ready the planned outing to catch the dawn shattered by a change in the glorious weather we have been having. I expected sun and all the early morning activity a spring day brings, but got mist cloud and cold, lesson to be learnt ” Always check the latest forecast you can “.

What happened well seing the weather did not stop the plan, just a change of kit, off came the long lenses for the Buzzards nesting, much too dull a day for good images of them, and maybe the nearby rookery, they will wait for then next early sunny morning. Into the kit bag out of the studio went my new ring flash, and a 24>70 lens, the objective today bluebells and spring buddings in close up, having arrived at a local woodland copse the photography began dogs sitting nicely and being very quiet while dad worked away, plenty to take and the ringflash worked very well on my new subjects. About ready to move on suddenly coming directy towards us was around 15 Fallow dear up the hill to us in the copse, usually the dogs frighten them in here and they shoot off, this time the dogs just watched them coming, Oh for that lens I took off, hold on did I put it in the bag, yes I did, a quick change of lens and a prone position with dogs at my side and heaven the deer came in the copse at the far end and started rummaging, laying flat and quiet still I took picture after picture of them, surprisingly they were not phased by the shutter on my 5d clattering away, they knew that where they were was a safe haven, magic for around ten minutes when one of the dogs let out a single bark off they went down the hill back towards the old boating lake and sanctury. I came home just looked at my mornings work over a cup of tea and what was a morning that was, a complete change of plan turned into something special, not only did i get my varied bluebell shots and have practice with the new ring flash as I wanted,  but the added bonus of the deer made the start of today something really special, cant wait to see what else is going to go right today, even if the sun does not break through its been a great day.

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