Is it a bit quiet on the photography front, what to do !

At home we have had a recent disater with my wife’s mother, she came round to dinner over the last weekend and had a good day, on her return to her home she fell and broke her hip, next day a replacement was fitted after a 5 1/2  hour op, things here are a little unsettled at the moment.

So what is to do when your not sure if your going to be called out and cant commit for the next few days, my answer is to blitz the studio with all the chores you keep putting off. So batteries all checked and topped up, cameras given a runthrough and sensors checked for foriegn bodies, flashguns given a clean and check, and biggest job of all offload those files from the memory cards that have been stored awaiting downloading, its amazing what you can find. Medium format film cameras shutters and backs checked, and then run a quick roll through each one making sure that all is good. with all that done have a cuppa, then think about what next, well there is not a lot to do so for me its get my favorite subject and do a little studio work with him. Chips is a poseur, point a camera at him and he immediatly goes into “Look at me” mode, how do you want me daddy on my back, laying flat out, to one side, looking at the lens or away, he is worth his weight in gold, and knows it, so an hour or two with him then a day that was totally up in the oir has produced a cleaner studio, things where they should be, cameras and accesories all checked, and a bonus of some lighting techniques played with, and a few not too bad shots for the family album. Did I mention it was raining also so having a studio is not a bad way of keeping out of mischief.

My boy after a hard day at the office.

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