Photograph them again? or get rid of them? A moral Question

At home we have the pleasure of Jackdaws trying to nest in one of our chimneys, I really dont mind but for the fact we use this particular one alot. The chimney is a large inglenook and lucky for us it is too wide in the flue for their twigs and branches to jam in, however every morning we come down to a pile of twigs that fill our log burner twice over, and if we leave the house on our return they have been at it again, its the mess of the twigs and soot on the carpet that is the problem.

Now I feel sorry for them as they have been at this for over two weeks now and they cant grasp the fact that it is not going to work, at first I was in the summer house at the bottom of the garden, taking some photos of their building attempts, but now I feel like somehow getting rid of them for the mess they make in the living room every morning, do I put up and shut up and hope they go away or take more drastic action, I have to think this one through, after all they did give me some fun with the camera early on.

What would you do, how would you deal with this, I am going to fit a cowl over the pot, but the height of the stack means I have to get a professional in to fit it, with the roof and high stack its just over thirty five feet high, and everyone is quoting mega monies because they want to erect scaffolding at that height, for a pair of randy birds. HELP.

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