New posting price structure last man leaving turn out the lights.

In this digital age someting caught my eye today with regards to the ever increasing cost of sending a letter or communication through Snail Mail the British post office. The following paragraph comes from Webpronews and I thank them for the use of it.

“Not only are people relying more heavily on online bill-paying services now, they are also turning to the web for interaction with others; rather than sending a birthday card or party invitation, they send an email or e-vite, citing social media sites like Facebook and Twitter as major modes of communication. The introduction of media sources like Netflix and Gamefly saw a brief surge in mailroom activity, since millions of DVDs and games were being sent back and forth every day. However, even those companies can’t be relied on anymore by mail carriers, because they’ve conveniently added streaming and downloads to their services. And with more things going digital every day–even books–people are using their computers and digital devices more than ever, seriously decreasing their need for mail service. ”

My personal comments are as follows.

When you weigh all of the postage costs up just for a letter now is it really worth it when you can just compose and send, maybe some will say that you cant hang or display the cards but with a simple display unit, laptop or digital photograph display you can just as easily and have non of the carbon footprint of printed material, how far can it go?  I personally think that the British Post Office have moved into a position where they have now priced themselves out of the market, instead of a review of how to manage the business it has always been slap more money on the cost of sending, simple but unfortuanately now inefective for many, delays in delivery, against instant dispatch and recieve, no contest.  The cost and inconvenience of letter not delivered because they are not the correct size or maybe weigh that gram too much, all this is not helping the business in any shape or form, in fact the many people I do business with have declared war on our postal system through its inherrent beuracracy. One very large company that I deal with have pointed out that they are so quick to deliver tons of useless information and advertising paper based rubbish before they deliver the important mail that they have taken steps now to stop the Post Office delivering and all their paper based work in carried out by private courier.

I could go on for hours with regard to this British institution and its steady downward spiral, and I am sure that there are many views out there that do not reflect my own thoughts, but I feel it is a sad day when people have a system and that system is racing headlong to self destruct, taking the loyal servants that have worked for that business into the abyss with them.

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