Photography Comment related to a massive discussion on linkedin

I have watched the Bun fight here and even tried to be logical about it. One thing I would say Gentleman, we are all individuals we run our businesses as exactly that, although others ideas often help, but this thread is starting to dictating to everyone on it how they should run there business. The bottom line is I run mine, if I am not happy I have to change or get out, if I am happy I am willing to share to the greater good, but not to get into a debate about my strategy, that is mine, take it or leave it. The world is big enough for us all, I have been doing this for over 40 years ( just had a reality check ) and I am happy with my life style, if I was not I would change it, each to there own, but dont condem a fellow for trying to expain his methodology. Bottom line we are all different, that is what makes the world go round.
Must applaud the originator for his first comment, bet he did not expect the influx that has come through.


Photography is Dying, My reply No its Not

“People are paying less, photographers are willing to work for little, or no money,,,Is the photography business dying?

In reply my thought’s to the above, an earlier comment from a photography group I am part of.

Photography was dying some few years ago 35mm and medium format were declining at an alarming rate then came along Digital, everyone could use a camera, everyone could view what they had taken straight away, so in definition they were a photographer? If you look now although digital is bringing out zillions of new cameras every day  ( it seems ) the world is starting to slide back into that era of the late 80s early 90s digital is slowing down a bit, and for many of the people I know Film is making a little bit of a comeback, I shoot medium format ( with a pair of Bronicas ) for some jobs, the beauty is it makes me think about my trade and the way I take a picture, reminding me of my roots. So in reply to the initial question posed I dont think its dying in any way, slowing down, yes, but the photographers who do this for a business will move with the times and restructure their business to meet the challenges of the market place.  Uncle henry with his compact digital £59 camera will still be taking the odd wedding for his niece, but time will show that what he takes as a hobby will not satisfy the bride who for that special day requires professionalism, equipment that works and has backup systems in place, and at the top of the list  images that both bride and groom can cherish forever, couples that go for the no pay or cheaper option’s will get some photographs of a certain quality but will they regret that in the future?

So to sum up there is always work for the professional, in these lean times you just have to sit back review and rethink your working strategy.