An experiance today with the NHS and its best employees.

You Cant make this up.
Phoned the hospital today to see what time to pick my mother up after an overnight stay following a examination yesterday.
Conversation went like this ::

Me : Hello can you tell me what time I can pick up Mrs Snowden

1st Nurse : I will just get er’e nurse,

2nd Nurse : Hello who is dis speaking,

Me : Her Son John

2nd Nurse : Hold on a moment, I will check, (longish wait)
She is not coming out today she is Woozy and unwell and we are not ready to release her, she may be in until the weekend?

Me : What? it was a simple proceedure and 1 overnight stay,

2nd Nurse : Oh!  would you like to speak to her,

Me : yes please
Then two minutes go by before someone comes back on the phone.

2nd Nurse : Hello,  OK we can release her today!  “I had the wrong patient”, your Mum is OK and will be ready at 1 Oclock.

I wont put my next comment,

But dont you just love the professionalism of
“WHIPPS CROSS HOSPITAL” Walthamstow/Leyton

My reply to my EURO MP as she is defending the Tories in Brussels

Dear  Vicky


Thank you for your reply.


I am glad you agree with me and the millions of others in the UK about fuel prices in all aspects and its crippling effect on business and individuals, but agreeing with me and as a agent representing the UK in Europe I have to ask.

What are you currently doing about it, and more to the point, what other than allow it to spiral out of control have you done about it?


No I did not miss the atrocious delivery of the budget and its content, most of the UK were made aware of it and the consequences of that budget were reflected in the terrible Tory returns on the local election  night. The £14 you talk of, done little if anything to offset the recent increase in taxes, daily bills, food price rises and every other covert tax the Tories have burdened the UK with since taking over from Labour. It is amazing that they had any more Tax finds to make, hence my tongue in cheek comment about the pitiful tax on Pasties, What next is left a Tax on how many sheets of toilet paper we use. We must be getting pretty close to the bottom! Oh and I forgot your friends the Mega rich, how will the country benefit from the MASSIVE reduction in the TAX they pay?

But hey ho the rich get richer and the poorer get SCREWED.


Red tape, quango’s  yes I raised it, but its people in government that have put all this useless red tape in place so why as you requested do I want to waste my time making more of it by doing your job and pointing out the horrific mountain of paperwork the average business has to complete each month., I will I think, as my predecessors done for many years start flying under the wire and cheat the departments that make life a living hell for the honest businessmen of the UK, if large corporations can why not the smaller ones.


With regards to UKIP, the simple fact is they say what the people want to hear, they have taken the whip away and are no longer flogging the public any more, they are actually pandering to the wounds delivered from the two larger parties, that is why people are looking that way, that is why Your party and Labour are in decline, before long they will be at the level of another Liberal fiasco and then we will see if the UKIP consortium can live up to its manifesto, it cant do any worse to this country can it? I personally was in corporate business for over thirty years and attended many meetings through a three line whip, many that I had no need to be at, when I could be dealing with much more serious issues. You mention that UKIP does not attend too many meetings, perhaps they are actually planning a future for our country instead of sitting on the backsides at many boring and useless meetings that others attend just to be “on record” I mention this as just a thought.


My last passing thought is that the Germans finally achieved what Hitler strove to with force, total control of Europe. However that is now becoming untangled into a mess of world wide proportions, how sad we have been dragged into it like a dirty dishcloth wiping the kitchen floor.


Best regards for the Future


Still an EX Tory


John Snowden

A commitment from the English Cricket team, go Guys.

Dear John

As you’re reading this we will be preparing for the first Investec Test against the West Indies starting on Thursday. The West Indies certainly aren’t a team to be underestimated, but playing in our home conditions we hope to continue the high standard of cricket that we’ve been playing over the last 2-3 years. Hopefully the rain will stay away and we will be able to play a competitive Investec Test series and get the summer off to the best start.

As always your support means everything to us. The following we had throughout the tour to the UAE and Sri Lanka was amazing and we know the support back home has been brilliant as always. We had a tough test abroad this winter, but I feel we have learnt plenty from our experiences away from home and this England team is going to be better after playing in subcontinental conditions.

On behalf of the team I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you and hope to see you over the course of the summer.

Andrew Strauss

Greek tragedy

Is the Euro on its last legs, Greece are about to pull out, I should imagine closely followed by Spain, they have tried it does not work so back to running your own country without the Dictators of Germany. What will happen to the rest of the Euro zone, who knows, but one thing is certain you cannot keep throwing money at a lost cause, the people who supposed to be so astute should take there heads out of the sand and stop feathering there own nests and concentrate on getting the world back on an even keel. You may think I dont like the idea of the Euro and the ruling of the UK by people that have not been elected, well you would be right, even our own elected goverments are useless, really what hope has any of us got?