An experiance today with the NHS and its best employees.

You Cant make this up.
Phoned the hospital today to see what time to pick my mother up after an overnight stay following a examination yesterday.
Conversation went like this ::

Me : Hello can you tell me what time I can pick up Mrs Snowden

1st Nurse : I will just get er’e nurse,

2nd Nurse : Hello who is dis speaking,

Me : Her Son John

2nd Nurse : Hold on a moment, I will check, (longish wait)
She is not coming out today she is Woozy and unwell and we are not ready to release her, she may be in until the weekend?

Me : What? it was a simple proceedure and 1 overnight stay,

2nd Nurse : Oh!  would you like to speak to her,

Me : yes please
Then two minutes go by before someone comes back on the phone.

2nd Nurse : Hello,  OK we can release her today!  “I had the wrong patient”, your Mum is OK and will be ready at 1 Oclock.

I wont put my next comment,

But dont you just love the professionalism of
“WHIPPS CROSS HOSPITAL” Walthamstow/Leyton


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