What to do at this time of the year

Well the wedding season is now at an end, what to do, a few portrait sessions booked into the studio to keep me busy, but now is the time to check and review equipment. Last month I sold three lenses on Ebay that I had for the last 3 years they had done their bit, and the monies recieved allowed me to purchase two new Canon L lenses 24>105 and a 70>200. So now as time is not so pressing I can get used to and play about with my new purchases. Also it gives me time to check all my equipment out and do any housekeeping that may be required. One other thing on those cold dark wet nights ( Like tonight) I love going through some of the shots taken that missed the mark overal, when you look closer at them and are not on deadlines, you can sometimes get something from part of the shot that is worthy of printing after all.

Just a few ideas for you guys that are at a loose end this time of the year, hope they are of some interest.


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