PayPal Beware of multi payments

I tried to pay an invoice today, it came back as being processed, and the company have not been paid, although on the bottom of my PayPal reciept it is shown as paid, Basically it looks as though the money has gone from my account but not reached the recipients. Some people are saying that they are having the same payment taken many times with nothing reaching the vendor, so where is there money going. Below is the latest statement, although I have been trying PayPal all morning and the phone just cuts off. BANKERS dont you just Love them ???

PayPal is experiencing website problems that are resulting in customers’ payments being taken multiple times but not actually going through.

As revealed by THE INQUIRER, users of the service have taken to Twitter during the past 24 hours to protest that they are receiving error notifications when trying to send payments, yet the payments are in fact being sent multiple times.

One Twitter user, @_Impromptu_ said her payment was taken four times when trying to pay for an item on UK Auction site eBay, despite items still showing in her account as “unpaid”.

“Items [are] showing as unpaid via ebay yet payment has been sent 3/4 times to the buyers. cant get through via phone. i want a refund,” she said.

Paypal apologised for any inconvenience on Twitter this morning, responding to complaints via the microblogging service by acknowledging its website issues and saying that it is “working to get this resolved” and will “update ASAP”.

We’ll have more on this story as it develops.

UK and Worldwide Banking, How Much More do we have to endure.

Today I watched a debate (very contriversial) in regard to the lending attached to Banks since the Taxpayers bailout of them. We (Well The Goverment) gave billions to these businesses to ensure that they could continue to contribute to the UK economy and ensure the continued rebuild of the small business.
It was enlighting but disheartened to see and hear the arguments that these money grabbing Bastards put up to ensure this country fails and they are secure with our money.
Since leaving the business that I was attached to (not a Bank) I have never heard so many excuses and downright lies to protect the money in their vaults that does not even belong to them, while the honest businessman goes to the wall through the banks recalling debt or failing to lend anything to an up and coming business.
What do you call a group of Bankers ” a Wunch of Bankers” No definately not you call them “A Bunch of WANKERS”
Disgusting they are, ethics they have none, I hope everyone attached to this dispicable trade suffers 100 times more than the people that they have left high and dry, I hope they suffer in health, wealth and unhappiness, because that is what they have given to the people of the world and they need some of there own medicine back.
After watching that was I disgusted? Yes but more annoyed, you sycophantic bunch of money grabbing twats. If anyone wants to bring them too their knees I would gladly be cannon fodder.

For all of this it really does not affect me, I have never borrowed from a Bank or asked for there help, I have always been self funded. But I wish my comment for the struggling business that is afraid to speak up because he/she will go under, I know it will not mean much but their has to come a time when someone will stop the Banks taking the Piss.

Just a Little “Cloud” to perhaps upset your life, Maybe

For some time now I have been getting lots of Emails inviting me to load all my information and files onto “The Cloud” being a bit aware of unsolicited mail I thought it would be best to look into this offer.
Now I am sure there are many that do use this facility and have the relief of not clogging up hard drives with loads of files, that are to all intentions safe and locked away on a server somewhere in the world, ready for you to download whenever you need them!
I wondered whether to use this until I thought long and hard and found out the following.
Microsoft are now developing windows versions that will not store onto your own drives, it is going to utilise cloud based storage, so even if you wanted your files you will not have immediate access to them, or so I am told over the internet. What does that look like in the not to distant future?
If my files are stored somewhere off my machine, how secure are they? Banks cannot secure your accounts correctly at the moment so what security do files or pictures have? Who is responsible for the security of the files, if the host server develops a glitch or is hacked do you loose your lifes work? If i download my many GB of pictures to the cloud for storage, who then owns the copyright, and who can gain access to my work and use it at there whim? What if I needed certain files for a project and there is an internet break (which happens all to often) how will I access my files to continue with my project, do I wait until restoration or is there a backup system in place to gather my own files whenever I want?
Now all thos questions are my own thoughts, but if they interfer with my business how long before I go out of that business, another little thought comes to mind. Later down the road when the cloud has absorbed the worlds information and holds it, who pays the bill, especially if I as an individual have no say in whether it stays on my machines storage or the clouds. Leading on from that the masses of information I use every day will inevitably cost me through increased costs of down and up loads to the cloud, Wont It?
Finally, if the cloud has all this information stored about everyone using it, how long before that information is sold to marketing companies, banks, and other institutions who buy personal information?
Maybe I am being a bit cynical here, but it seems to me that not every cloud has a silver lining, this one seems more like a foreboding storm cloud on the horizon.
Someone tell me I have it all wrong, but please prove it.