PayPal Beware of multi payments

I tried to pay an invoice today, it came back as being processed, and the company have not been paid, although on the bottom of my PayPal reciept it is shown as paid, Basically it looks as though the money has gone from my account but not reached the recipients. Some people are saying that they are having the same payment taken many times with nothing reaching the vendor, so where is there money going. Below is the latest statement, although I have been trying PayPal all morning and the phone just cuts off. BANKERS dont you just Love them ???

PayPal is experiencing website problems that are resulting in customers’ payments being taken multiple times but not actually going through.

As revealed by THE INQUIRER, users of the service have taken to Twitter during the past 24 hours to protest that they are receiving error notifications when trying to send payments, yet the payments are in fact being sent multiple times.

One Twitter user, @_Impromptu_ said her payment was taken four times when trying to pay for an item on UK Auction site eBay, despite items still showing in her account as “unpaid”.

“Items [are] showing as unpaid via ebay yet payment has been sent 3/4 times to the buyers. cant get through via phone. i want a refund,” she said.

Paypal apologised for any inconvenience on Twitter this morning, responding to complaints via the microblogging service by acknowledging its website issues and saying that it is “working to get this resolved” and will “update ASAP”.

We’ll have more on this story as it develops.


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