George Osborne One of the Biggest Bankers friend

Dear friends across the UK,

Bankers are lobbying hard to keep their big bonuses at our expense. But the EU is trying to crack down. If we lobby George Osborne and other EU finance ministers to stand by a sensible plan to cap bankers bonuses — the very greedy payouts which crashed our economies — we could finally beat the banker lobby! Sign the petition:

The banks crashed our economies, causing a wave of unemployment, evictions and cuts, but bankers are still raking in massive pay cheques. We have a chance to end this madness in 24 hours, but the British government stands in our way.

Bankers run outrageous risks, driven by the lure of big bonuses. EU plans to stop bankers getting bonuses higher than their salaries are now being ambushed by George Osborne and a few other finance ministers. Public pressure now can push our finance ministers to take a stand against the bankers’ greed that caused the crash in the first place!

We have 24 hours — the bankers’ lobby is massive, but our politicians know they can’t get re-elected if they favour friends in high finance while our jobs and services disappear. Sign the petition to George Osborne and other EU finance ministers now — which we’ll deliver to Osborne’s door and via the media on the day of the talks — and share it with all your friends across the UK!

Many politicians talk a good game about reining in the banks, but then fold as soon as bankers pressure them. The EU Parliament has agreed proposals that would prevent banks paying bonuses that are more than their main salary, unless a massive majority of shareholders approve that. Tuesday will see a needle negotiation between the Parliament and EU government representatives. It’s behind closed doors, but as of now several governments, most significantly the UK, are planning to block the bonus ban.

As well as causing the financial crisis, banks have now been caught out in scandals over interest-rate fixing, mis-selling products, and evicting people from their homes. It’s time to get the public policies we need to ensure these outrages can’t happen again. Banks argue that they will move abroad if tighter rules are in place, but this is a bluff, as no global bank can afford to move out of the EU entirely.

Let’s have our say before Tuesday, to get our finance ministers to bring sanity to our banks. Click below to join:

We’ve done it before – getting the EU to agree to put criminal bankers behind bars. Let’s now go further to tame bankers’ animal spirits.

With hope and determination,

Alex, Christoph, Emma, Emily, Ian, Rewan, and the rest of the Avaaz team

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Recession, but why bump up

Here we are about to go headfirst into the third part of this current recession, however you carve it up we are going to feel pain.

Now this is what I want to know, why is it when no-one has much money to spend on bills let alone anything else do companies, electricity and gas suppliers, supermarkets, garages, shops and whoever else continue to increase the prices of everyday commodities.

If the price goes up and up then there will be no one person left to buy the services so in the long term the companies are plotting there own demise. Why cannot a goverment or individual see sense and halt the price rises, tell their suppliers that they cant continue in this ever increasing price spiral upwards, who has the balls to step forward and lead this world out of its terrible current fate.

It is not as though the first steps are a long way off they are already in place and the poor old end user is suffering for it, no pay rises, no enhanced pay, no future outlook of extra monies to pay the extortionate prices demanded by every supplier. Now if that is extended to these money grabbiing Banks, suppliers, oil companies, supermarkets, we would see a difference in the daily life of each and every individual.

Why should many companies report billions of pounds profit year on year why individuals and families are on the decline financialy, something radical has to be done, before its too late for everyone.




You Knew that they were now its admitted :: after 10 Years

Former Cabinet minister Chris Huhne today pleaded guilty to perverting the course of justice over claims his ex-wife took speeding points for him a decade ago.
Huhne entered the plea on the first day of his trial at Southwark Crown Court.
His former wife Vicky Pryce denied a charge of perverting the course of justice.
Carina Trimingham, whom Huhne admitted having an affair with in 2010, ending his 26-year marriage to Pryce, was in the public gallery as he pleaded guilty to the perverting the course of justice charge.

This just shows that a person of note in his party CAN LIE AND LIE FOR OVER TEN YEARS, the burning question is, if this person lied to cover up a £60 fine and three points what are ministers lying today to us about.
First it was expenses they got caught out LYING about now individuals that are truly dispicable are LYING over petty speeding offences.

I would like to ask anyone in this country is there someone out there that can actually tell the truth. I think this latest LIE just shows why we as a country are in such a state, we are without doubt LED BY LIARS.