Alexa ranking

Some while ago I read that getting this ranking onside will improve you web precence no end. I spent many a happy hour jumping through hoops, doing what was asked, and I must say I was pleased to see my site ranked around 350,000 in the world, then something happened and it all dissapeared, weeks or maybe months of hard work lost. Recently I was emailed that it would be beneficial to sign up for Alexa ( thought I aready was) until I went online and founf it was going to cost me around £100 a year to have the privelage, I put on Alexaboost that is supposed to help, but only uses masses of bandwidth, and also slows everything down, so I looked a little more. Some of us are suckers, it does naff all to help another con from the great unwashed and unseen, Alexa ranking, total wankings, I have done lots of homework its all a scam to get your money in there pockets like 99% of the SEO companies around, just set up you web, keep it updated and with good content, and the internet will do the rest by ranking you, dont believe the hype its a CON. Good luck people, see you all in the ethernet mystical garden.

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