Euro : is it time to end this failed experiment

Another hairbrained scheme from the EuroPratts, lets steal the money from that little island Cyprus, if they argue we can always say that where Saddam hid his WMD’s and destroy it.

Who on Earth thinks up these half cocked ideas and more to the point why do they think they can get away with it. Whatever way you look at this latest neanderthal idea from the Brains of Brussels (LOL), it is plain and simple, STEALING and they should be brought to task over it legally.

Before this was announced did anyone really think of the concequences attached. If this goes through in Cyprus, who would want to deposit anything in any bank, because if Brussels can raid Honest and solid citizens savings there they can dictate that it can be done anywhere, and that would be the end of banking for the private saver or the small business man, as no body would be stupid enough to put there savings into any bank.

Pure Greed, thats what it boils down to Brussels lining its own pockets and trying to revive a dying dinosaur, one that has had its day, it is time to close down a failed monetory unit and let every country make its own way, mistakes and all, but above all that not be dictated to by a faceless spineless body of no nothings that got us into this situation in the first place.

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