Are we the centre of this Cartel ????

I am sorry about this it is not Photography related but I feel it needs to be put on the media express train.

Earlier this week I was about to order some oil for the house heating, it was 57P per Ltr, a lot happened and it went out of my mind. Today 4 days later coming up to the weekend I decided to place that order, Oil price has now shot up to 62p per ltr !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 5 pence a litre more in 4 days, How can that be, when they tell us that oil is ordered weeks and months in advance to keep stocks, and this not one or two pence but a whole 5P a litre, if this is not a conspiracy to rip off the public at the first signs of Autumn then something else is equally as wrong with this area of industy, or could it be that they are just GREEDY BASTARDS.

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