What have I learned

One thing when people ask me how to take a good photo, all I can say is, I am not always right in what I show. But I try to work by the rule of, its not the subject your taking, its the way you present and frame that subject that makes the image stand out.
Many fire away and fill the camera with images, but only those with an alert eye and mind get the photo that makes other want to look again and always see more.

Googles ever changing algorithms

Once again apologies as this is not related to a photograph, but it is to my photographic business.
I have been away for a few weeks travelling the country in our motorhome, on our return I found my ranking on google had gone from page 2 to page 37, unbelievable, so a little detective work, no SEO expense, and within 2 days I am now sitting on page 2 again internationally, with something so simple, and after a lot of abuse from asian SEO companies that told me it would take 6 months to get in the top ten pages, six months of my cost and their luxury.
People, I am not going to blab out what I found, as it will impact on my advertising, but I am telling you all do a little homework and it pays of, much more than the money grabbing SEO sites/thieves that just want to rip you off. I am so Happy, after years of struggling to get on a ranking and keeping there, found out how to do it at NO COST, GREAT.