Googles ever changing algorithms

Once again apologies as this is not related to a photograph, but it is to my photographic business.
I have been away for a few weeks travelling the country in our motorhome, on our return I found my ranking on google had gone from page 2 to page 37, unbelievable, so a little detective work, no SEO expense, and within 2 days I am now sitting on page 2 again internationally, with something so simple, and after a lot of abuse from asian SEO companies that told me it would take 6 months to get in the top ten pages, six months of my cost and their luxury.
People, I am not going to blab out what I found, as it will impact on my advertising, but I am telling you all do a little homework and it pays of, much more than the money grabbing SEO sites/thieves that just want to rip you off. I am so Happy, after years of struggling to get on a ranking and keeping there, found out how to do it at NO COST, GREAT.

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