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websites the curse of a business

I have this last year mentioned a bit about SEO and websites, but after a year I have come to this conclusion.

Last week I was getting around 2 calls a day along with a few emails telling me how much more my site can be improved by every individual business that contacted, however it would, as always, take months, and a lot of money.

The weekend I decided to look at my trade do a bit of digging into Meta words etc and what makes a site get too number 1 on the dreaded Google (cup half empty).

I checked the top 20 sites in photography and there is really nothing in common that shouts out this is what to do, now I have been building webs since the early 90s and have a little knowledge, but through all the stops and algorithms google have introduced there seems to be very little that gives you the edge, other than paying for advertising (surprise, surprise) So in a nut shell all those guys that are trying to get a few bob before christmas and are doing the rounds, what is it that you have special, or is it you keep us paying on the hook for three /six months then move on to the next victim.


I am open to listen to solid evidence at anytime.