Curry’s PC World Customer service Ha Ha

Mel and I went to the Curry’s PC World outlet at Tollgate, Colchester today to purchase a new TV,
We knew exactly what we wanted, the store was not that busy, however. After waiting around 20 minutes for a Rep to take our order we noticed that store staff kinda looked at us but then walked in the opposite direction, my wife found a guy who looked as though he should be a floor supervisor with a stripey shirt, and asked him if we could be served, he replied “you will have to wait, I cant seem to find any staff” he then walked away, we waited another 5 minutes and started to walk out, he was in our direction, and I said to him ” cant wait any longer mate, will go next door to Hughes” no apology, not even a bit of notice taken, CURRY’S of Tollgate Essex you must take the biscuit for being one of the worse customer facing stores in the South East, utter and total crap customer skills and very rude to the customers that actually pay for goods to keep you employed.

I did put this on PC World Curry’s Facebook site but they chose to take it down very quickly, not sure why.
So now I have posted it on all their electrical competitors sites so they can use this as an example of Curry’s total lack of customer skills, and of course the loss of revenue that people like the floor supervisor in the stripey shirt loses Curry’s by his utter contempt for customers with cash in hand.

Please share if you think Curry’s are as CRAP as the one we went to today.

#Curry’s PC world

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