Curry’s PC World Customer service Ha Ha

Mel and I went to the Curry’s PC World outlet at Tollgate, Colchester today to purchase a new TV,
We knew exactly what we wanted, the store was not that busy, however. After waiting around 20 minutes for a Rep to take our order we noticed that store staff kinda looked at us but then walked in the opposite direction, my wife found a guy who looked as though he should be a floor supervisor with a stripey shirt, and asked him if we could be served, he replied “you will have to wait, I cant seem to find any staff” he then walked away, we waited another 5 minutes and started to walk out, he was in our direction, and I said to him ” cant wait any longer mate, will go next door to Hughes” no apology, not even a bit of notice taken, CURRY’S of Tollgate Essex you must take the biscuit for being one of the worse customer facing stores in the South East, utter and total crap customer skills and very rude to the customers that actually pay for goods to keep you employed.

I did put this on PC World Curry’s Facebook site but they chose to take it down very quickly, not sure why.
So now I have posted it on all their electrical competitors sites so they can use this as an example of Curry’s total lack of customer skills, and of course the loss of revenue that people like the floor supervisor in the stripey shirt loses Curry’s by his utter contempt for customers with cash in hand.

Please share if you think Curry’s are as CRAP as the one we went to today.

#Curry’s PC world

I had to say this after loosing our Buddy

Chip 2008-2014

You came along when we were so very low
We had no idea if you were here to stay, or go
In a very short time you became a very dear friend
Our hearts through you, began quickly too mend
You brought us all together with you wonderful ways
We loved you so much, throughout all our days
Over time our love was truly for you
You just gave us both so much that was honestly true
Being born of a free spirit, you just loved to roam
But always you managed to venture safely back home.
Through fields, forests and brambles, you did go
To those secret places, that we did not know
Spending time on your own having fun without a care
Leaving us just to wonder, how, why and where
That fateful day, it all came to a sudden end
We wait for you to come home, driving us around the bend
The late knocking on the door telling us of your demise
Oh how we prayed the driver was just telling us lies
Your still, small body laying there at the scene
No sounds or movements from you could be seen,
In a moment of pure horror, shock, and total disbelief
I lifted your body up from the road, and carried it home in my grief
Our many tears for our loved one, fell just like rain
Our bodies melting with yours, as we felt endless pain
You had left this life, in a moment of madness
Leaving behind disbelief, and a world, full of sadness
But you, my loved son, are now running and roaming free
Happy again in meadows and forests, full of many a tree
Until we meet as we will, some sunny, sunny day
Your memories are ours, and will never ever, go away.

John Snowden 2014

My boy after a hard day at the office.

websites the curse of a business

I have this last year mentioned a bit about SEO and websites, but after a year I have come to this conclusion.

Last week I was getting around 2 calls a day along with a few emails telling me how much more my site can be improved by every individual business that contacted, however it would, as always, take months, and a lot of money.

The weekend I decided to look at my trade do a bit of digging into Meta words etc and what makes a site get too number 1 on the dreaded Google (cup half empty).

I checked the top 20 sites in photography and there is really nothing in common that shouts out this is what to do, now I have been building webs since the early 90s and have a little knowledge, but through all the stops and algorithms google have introduced there seems to be very little that gives you the edge, other than paying for advertising (surprise, surprise) So in a nut shell all those guys that are trying to get a few bob before christmas and are doing the rounds, what is it that you have special, or is it you keep us paying on the hook for three /six months then move on to the next victim.


I am open to listen to solid evidence at anytime.

What have I learned

One thing when people ask me how to take a good photo, all I can say is, I am not always right in what I show. But I try to work by the rule of, its not the subject your taking, its the way you present and frame that subject that makes the image stand out.
Many fire away and fill the camera with images, but only those with an alert eye and mind get the photo that makes other want to look again and always see more.