Seo and advertising 2013, what are my thoughts

After a year of meeting and photographing great people and familes it makes me really think about the cost of all the companies that are going to take me to new highs.
My business is something I am passionate about and am in total control of, I produce the website, love it or loath it, I do all the advertising, be it free or at a cost, but it is my decision.
This last few months I have had so many companies contacting me to advertise or use them as a SEO company it would have wiped out my entire profit for 2012 and a lot more, and I had a great year.
I think what really upsets me is a telephone contact is made, the initial banter is read out, talking about what a wonderful precence I have on the net, but they know jack shit about my business, those people should be sacked straight away, brain cells NONE. They do no advanced work on your business, or have no idea even what your business is about but spout on about getting you onto page one of Goggle, NEWS FOR YOU GUYS “I am already there”.
So where do we go from here, I would like to ask all those who think they can sell me space or get my website into outastalla advertising, check out my credentials first and stop making a Muppet out of you and your company.
2013 I will not be spending a penny on advertising my books are full I have two new photographers starting in the new year and my production people have been put on alert. My Business generates the advertising much more than you can, word of mouth and repeat business fills my books, and I do not want to share the profit with a beligerent person trying desperatly to sell me something I do not need.