Photographic memory, Our goverment you must be joking, Paint over the cracks

I liken our Goverments? to Photoshop except with Photoshop it is totally honest and you get what you asked for not what you did not want. Let me briefly explain, You buy Photoshop and get a package, nothing more nothing less and whatever you do with that package it does it time after time and does not deviate from doing exactly that unless you change the way you want it to run. With our Goverment ( UK ) you do almost the same, you elect to buy them into office, there the simularity stops, its not honest, its not clever, its not helping the people that put them there, and when you ask it to do something it thinks for a while and then does whatever it likes, usually there is a massive brown pay envelope at the end of the trail laying on the dashboard of some ministers car.

The BSkyB empire is a prime example with the current case against them on hacking, so much like the Bond film without the pretty girls, but a greedy person at the helm steering the family to riches and power beyond belief and corrupting everyone who comes into contact if it fits in with the flavour of the day and furthers the blind ambition of world dominance.

Getting back to Photoshop, if the goverment or said moguls want something done, use the eraser tool, it fills in where the origiinal was and you cant see the cracks, if something is falling apart use the repair tool, just wave the wand ( or money maybe ) and it all goes away and looks as good as new, but we all know its torn and tarnished and was beyond repair, and if you want something to really stand out use layers to enhance or HDR to give outstanding results, I could go on for hours but I think you are getting the message.

Who would I rather purchase in this day and age, a Lying cheating uncaring Goverment or a honest overpriced piece of software? Photoshop wins every time, at least you have control, and can elect to close it down when you want too.