I had to say this after loosing our Buddy

Chip 2008-2014

You came along when we were so very low
We had no idea if you were here to stay, or going to go
In a very short time you became a very dear friend
Our hearts through you, began quickly too mend
You brought us all together with you wonderful ways
We loved you so much to the end of our days
Over time our deepest love was truly for you
You just gave us both so much more than was honestly true
Being born of a free spirit, you just loved to roam
But always you managed to venture safely back home
Through fields, forests and brambles, you did go
To those secret places that we did not know
Spending time on your own without a care
Leaving us just to wonder, how, why and where
That fateful day it all came to an end
Waiting for you to come home, driving us around the bend
The late knocking on the door telling us of your demise
Oh how we prayed the driver was just telling us lies
Your still small body laying there at the scene
No sounds or movements from you could be seen
In a moment of horror, shock and total disbelief
I lifted your body up, and carried it home in my grief
Our many tears for our loved one fell just like rain
Our bodies melting with yours, as we felt endless pain
You had left this life, just killed in a moment of madness
Leaving behind disbelief all around, and a world full of sadness
But you my loved son are now roaming free
Happy again in meadows and forests full of many a tree
Until we meet again some sunny, sunny day
Your memories are ours, and will never go away.

John Snowden 2014

My boy after a hard day at the office.


Sunday a day of rest, well it used to be.

Mel on Nights! so me just recently up and about to have a nice long walk over the fields with the dogs before the silverstone GP and guess what,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Its bucketing down here, just another day in Paradise! and I should imagine plenty of red flags at the GP. Still Hamilton is a bit slippery so he should wiggle through like an Eel, unless he throws a wobbler and looses any cool that he has.